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Myolite 3 Headlamp

Myolite 3 Headlamp


Hybrid headlamp: xenon halogen / 3 LEDs

The two light sources of the MYOLITE 3 allow the lighting to be better adapted to conditions: the three LEDs provide a wide beam for proximity lighting and ensure a long burn time, while the xenon halogen bulb provides powerful, focused distance lighting. The MYOLITE 3 has a bezel for adjusting the beam which also serves as an on-off switch.

  • Hybrid light source to adapt the light to the activity:
    - xenon halogen bulb for long-range focused lighting
    - three LEDs for flood beam lighting with a long burn time
  • Comfortable and practical:
    - comfortable and adjustable elastic headband
    - bezel: turning on the lamp and adjusting the zoom can be done in the same movement
    - xenon halogen beam can be focused
    - bezel is easy to use, even when wearing gloves
    - light beam can be aimed