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Petzl R892 RESCUE CORD 8mm x 300ft

Petzl R892 RESCUE CORD 8mm x 300ft


Petzl Rescue Cord is the first cordage product conceived, designed, and tested specifically for high performance in rope rescue systems. In recent testing, the combination of Vector Lifeline and Rescue Cord consistently produced the shortest stopping distances we have ever recorded with the tandem prusik belay.

It works equally well on 11 and 12.5 mm ropes, and is ideal for making prusiks, load release devices, compact pulley systems, and anchor systems. For maximum versatility, Petzl Rescue Cord is UL certified to NFPA 1983 as a personal escape rope, making it the single most versatile cord available for rescue.

Block-creel kernmantle construction with 100% virgin nylon fiber core and polyester sheath for resistance to acids and other chemicals.


Rated-NFPA "E"

Technical specifications

Colors: red, orange, green, black.
Stocked in lengths of 46 m / 150 ft and 92 m / 300 ft.